Throughout this entire blog, I’ve been brainstorming and discussing ideas on starting my own business.  I have even shown pictures of my product and started marketing and branding for my product, but I have never discussed what drives me to do what it is that I am trying to do.  What is my motivation?  Well, this may sound cliche, but my inspiration is my kids.  I have two beautiful boys, one almost 13 and the other, 7.  They are the reason why I even thought about going back to school, the reason why I work hard every day and go to school online at night, the reason why I can’t quit.  They are the reason that “GreeK Babies” exists.  I have a pretty great career going for me, but I want more and I want my kids to always strive to be better, do better than I did.  I don’t want them to settle for mediocrity or life as usual.  I want them to expect greatness out of themselves and never stop when it comes to achieving their goals.  School has been an uphill battle.  It’s very difficult ( as some of you may well know) trying to balance a full time job, school and family.  Exhaustion is commonplace and it seems as if there is never enough time to get everything done, but at the end of the day, I want to show my sons that with hard work and perseverance, they can do anything that they set their minds to do.  I also want to provide a better life for them.  A life without struggle or worry about how bills will be paid. So, I do this for them.  I felt like I had to put this in my blog if not for you guys, maybe for me.  Sometimes I lose focus.  With this post, I can always come back to the root of why I endeavored upon starting this whole thing.  


Licensing and ideas

Okay, so hands down,  This endeavor has been the most difficult of my life.  I’ve recently sent emails to several of the black Greek organizations to find out if it is legal for me to put the sorority/fraternity crests on the greek baby posters.  I’ve only received a response from one and the response stated that I have to submit a form and a sample of what I plan to place the crest on before it can be approved.  Then, I also was brainstorming on what different paraphenalia I would use for the greek babies.  Since this is clearly a business based on children being legacy greeks, I thought “onuses” or bodysuits would be one great  idea.  I also thought that it would be good to print the greek babies on mugs and t-shirts.  There is also the question of paper.  I went to kinkos to print out samples of the posters and I found that I achieved the best results on the heavy weight paper24 lb. or better.  The regular print paper, while cheap, doesn’t give the best quality. The colors are much richer on the heavyweight paper and the design looks professional and less hand drawn.  

Okay so, I’ve completed more of my greek babies and I have received quite a bit of feedback from people regarding the look and possible marketing of the greek babies.  I have decided to start contacting colleges to see what the vendor fees are to set up as a vendor to sell the babies. The vendor pricing is pretty expensive. The cheapest that I saw was somewhere around #50.00. So, I will have to start saving my pennies. I did consider opening a kickstarter account onilne to assist with funding. Kickstarter is like a place where you can campaign for investors for your product.

Getting it Started

So, I finally finished with my complete line of greek babies. The hand drawn creations were the most difficult to draw concept wise but, I finally got it done.The pictures will be about 16X0 inside the mat board and I have located some pretty inexpensive corrugated cardboard poster frames. I believe that my overhead should be low on the production of these posters. I also imagine that by starting with these items on my website, eventually I can move into marketing prints of my original paintings.